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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Join us to view and discuss pre-recorded TED Talks at the Downtown branch of the library! 

Moon Exploration: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing
  • How centuries of sci-fi sparked spaceflight: Long before we had rocket scientists, the idea of spaceflight traveled from mind to mind across generations. With great visuals, TED Fellow and NASA economist Alexander MacDonald shows how 300 years of sci-fi tales -- from Edgar Allan Poe to Jules Verne to H.G. Wells and beyond -- sparked a culture of space exploration. A fascinating look at how stories become reality, featuring a goose machine sent to the Moon.
  • What I learned from going blind in space: There's an astronaut saying: In space, “there is no problem so bad that you can’t make it worse.” So how do you deal with the complexity, the sheer pressure, of dealing with dangerous and scary situations? Retired colonel Chris Hadfield paints a vivid portrait of how to be prepared for the worst in space (and life) -- and it starts with walking into a spider’s web. Watch for a special space-y performance. 
  • An astronaut's story of curiosity, perspective and change: What job is best for a young man who's been a tennis ace, a cross-country traveler, a chemistry nerd and an NFL draftee? How about ... astronaut? Leland Melvin tells the story of the challenges he's accepted and the opportunities he's seized -- and how they led him to the International Space Station and a whole new perspective of life on earth. (Contains mature content)
  • Tour the solar system from home: Want to navigate the solar system without having to buy a spacecraft? Jon Nguyen demos NASA JPL's "Eyes on the Solar System" -- free-to-use software for exploring the planets, moons, asteroids, and spacecraft that rotate around our sun in real-time.

Event Type(s): Discussion (1), Summer Reading Event, Downtown Event
Age Group(s): adults, teens
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